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Water Damaged Drywall Repair

An overflowing bathtub, a broken hose to the washing machine, a leaking pipe inside a wall, any of these issues can create catastrophic water damage to the drywall in your home. Definitive Drywall Systems understand the need for a quick response to get your home back to its former state. We will work with reclamation services and plumbers to get you and your family back in the comfort of your home when water damaged drywall repair is needed.

residential drywall repair

Perhaps the most insidious water damage is the slow leak of a pipe inside a wall or ceiling. Over time mold can grow and spread, often creating health problems for residents. At the first sign of water damage on drywall, you should call a plumber to locate and repair the leak. Then call Definitive Drywall Systems.

Signs of water damage include:

  • Shower tiles become loose
  • Drywall joint tape begins to peel
  • Stains or discoloration appear on ceilings or walls
  • Musty or mildew odor
  • Bowed walls
  • Crumbling drywall

Most likely the drywall around the water damaged area will have to be removed if there is any mold, mildew or the water damaged the drywall beyond repair.

  • Water damaged drywall must be removed
  • Damaged wood framing will need to be treated for mold or replaced
  • Water Damaged insulation must be removed and replaced
  • The area will have to be exposed and dried thoroughly
  • Drywall is replaced, taped and textured to match

Our skilled technicians can remove, replace and texture water damaged drywall on the ceiling or walls of your home. We have several texturing techniques to assure a texture match with surrounding areas.

Definitive Drywall Systems understands how inconvenient it is to have unexpected property damage. We work with other trades to get your home back in order. For water damaged drywall repair, email or call Definitive Drywall at 206.909.5481.

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