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Did you know that In Snohomish, about 47% of adults are married. Got kids? Want 'em? You might feel you need them to fit in properly in this city.

Serving clients in the Snohomish area with integrity for nearly 25 years, Definitive Drywall is also a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Definitive holds an A+ rating from this consumer protection agency.

Snohomish County

The respect our staff has for your property will be reflected in the quality of our craft. We specialize in the trade of drywall and art of quality. We proudly document our completed projects and post them in our gallery. Peruse the pictures to see how much we value excellence and how much we value your home.

Snohomish customers have made Definitive Drywall their premier drywall company. Because of our dedication to a clean work site and professional service, our customers are happy to refer us to others. Consultations and estimates are provided in detail before each project begins. Read what our customers are saying about our service.

By being an expert in a trade, this means that the staff is continuously learning how to improve its skills. In keeping up with advances in the tools of our trade, we are able to provide you with increased efficiency in labor at the same high level of quality. We have over 25 years of experience in projects of all sizes and we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our work will be completed in a professional manner and on time.

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We provide service for commercial renovations, tenant improvements and new builds. For residential customers, we can help you with a house that is being constructed or one that is being remodeled. Look here for a list of our many services.

Quality service and work begin with a company that is dedicated to core principles. Definitive Drywall believes four major ideals and holds their staff to each one.

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Competitive Prices

We want the chance to earn your respect. As a premier drywall company locally owned and operated in this area, we want you to have the best company for the job. We are insured, bonded and licensed in the state of Washington. We see every project as an opportunity to provide our customer with quality service.

After checking our great credentials, make an appointment with one of our representatives. We will provide you with a personalized consultation and follow this up with a detailed estimate of work. Our prices are fair and competitive. We guarantee your satisfaction. Call us, now.

Some Facts about Snohomish:

Snohomish was founded roughly in 1858 by E.C. Ferguson, E.F. Cad y and others. It was originally known as Cadyville, and changed its name to Snohomish City in 1871. The name Snohomish is taken from the name of the dominant local Native American tribe "sdoh-doh-hohbsh", whose meaning is widely disputed.

One of the first inland cities in the Puget Sound region, Snohomish was built where a planned military road connecting Fort Steilacoom and Fort Bellingham was set to cross the Snohomish River. The road, proposed in the wake of the Pig War, was intended to be built far enough inland to be safe from British naval attacks. Although the road was never completed, Snohomish quickly became a local center of commerce in the expanding region.

In 1861, Snohomish County split from Island County and the Village of Snohomish was voted the county seat. It remained as such until 1897 when the county seat was relocated to the larger, yet much newer neighboring city of Everett, Washington after a controversial and contested county-wide vote.

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