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Residential Metal Stud Framing

While metal stud framing is an infrequent choice for homes, it may be a good choice for some areas that have high winds, fire danger, termites, or are prone to mold. Additionally, finding quality lumber with low waste factor is becoming more difficult, making metal stud framing a more reliable choice.

Metal stud framing is more expensive if technicians aren’t trained for installation practices - that’s why Definitive Drywall have techs trained in metal stud framing to make installation as cost effective as possible. With the consistent symmetry of metal studs, wiring, plumbing and drywall installation can be expedited allowing for a decrease in labor costs.

While drywall companies may have knowledge in wood stud installation, Definitive Drywall technicians have knowledge in both steel fastening and pneumatic nail guns. Metal Stud framing can be used for new construction, remodels or additions.

No special material is needed to finish metal stud framing. Standard drywall sheets used in wood framing are also used in metal framed homes. If you are considering metal stud framing in your next home project give Definitive Drywall Systems a call for a competitive estimate on framing and finishing.

Definitive Drywall is a licensed, bonded and insured drywall company and is an accredited A+ BBB member. We excel in customer satisfaction, safety and job reliability. Call us at 206-909-5481 – your Definitive, Drywall company!