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Drywall Damage Repair due to Building Settling

Over time, newly constructed buildings will have a period of settling. Settling is caused when the building goes out of plumb – when the walls are a straight 90-degrees vertical from the horizontal plane of the foundation. The result of settling can cause cracking in the drywall of walls and ceilings that can range from fine cracks to major damage that may require replacement of sections of drywall.

What to do if you notice cracking in your drywall:

  • If your home or business is still covered by the builder’s warranty call the builder to report the damage and have the building inspected.
  • If the building is out of warranty hire an inspector to check the integrity of the foundation.
  • Once you know that the settling of the foundation has finished and who if anyone is at fault, this is the time to call Definitive Drywall Systems to get your walls and ceilings looking like new again.

Definitive Drywall has been repairing all types of drywall damage for over 25 years and has worked with insurance companies and home and business owners to repair settling damage to drywall. Our experienced technicians know how to repair settling cracks in drywall that usually appear around doors and windows and can also repair larger cracks and replace drywall if needed.

Covering or fixing the cracked drywall is only the first step in drywall repair due to settling, understanding different texturing techniques is what will make the damage disappear. Definitive Drywall excels in matching different textures for a seamless transition from the repair area to the existing surface.

Don’t sit and fume looking at damaged drywall due to settling, call Definitive Drywall Systems at 206-909-5481 for a quote to get your home or business looking new again. We are licensed, insured and an accredited AAA+ member of the BBB. Visit our gallery to see the projects we’ve completed for our customers. We will make you happy you chose Definitive Drywall Systems for your drywall repair.