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Drywall Patch and Texture Matching

There is no turning back the clock, an uncontrolled door swings open and then there is a soft thud, the sound of a door handle breaking into the drywall. It's such a small thing but it is so noticeable and it is a nagging reminder of the incident.

This is where Definitive Drywall Systems can assist you. Whether it is your home or your business, our professional drywall installers and finishers have experience in drywall patch and repair for all sizes and shapes of dings, dents and holes in drywall. We also are experienced in texture matching so no one will know there was any damage to your drywall. You may even forget it ever happened!

Small dings and door handle breaks are easy to fix. Holes larger than six inches will require removing the damaged area and installing a new drywall patch. Drywall patches are quite simple to repair but they do take time, experience and knowledge to make them unnoticeable:

  • The new piece of drywall will have to be anchored, secured and the joints taped.
  • Using joint compound or hot mud, the taped area of the drywall patch will have to be feathered into the existing wall texture. This is extremely important for a seamless finish!
  • The mud will have to set up over night.
  • Once dry the drywall patch will have to be sanded smooth. If needed a second lighter coat of mud may be added and sanded again to assure a smooth surface that is ready for texture.

There are several types of textures found in homes today. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable drywall company is extremely important when it comes to large areas that need texture matching on drywall patches. The more common textures are:

orangepeel drywall texture

Orange Peel or Splatter Texture — Fine or Heavy: For a fine orange peel, the texture is sprayed on in a controlled splatter effect. This leaves a pattern that resembles a picture of an orange peel at a 3X zoom. The raised splatters are rounded. For a heavy splatter, the texture is more random with less overall texture. Orange peel and splatter texture sprays bits of texture on the wall leaving drywall exposed between the splatters.

skip trowel drywall texture

Skip Trowel Texture — This texture is hand applied to the wall or ceiling surface using a trowel. The compound is skipped across the surface in a random and arching method. There are as many skip trowel patterns as there are drywall technicians who apply them. Because skip trowel application is so individualistic, the drywall patch and texture matching should be done by an experienced technician.

knockdown drywall texture

Knock Down Texture — Medium to Heavy: The texture is sprayed on, allowed to set up slightly and then a trowel or taping knife is used to "knock" down the texture. This creates raised texture that is flattened on the surface with smaller lower areas of texture. These are just a few of the many different types of textures found on walls and ceilings. For a truly flawless drywall patch and texture match, call Definitive Drywall Systems.

We pride ourselves in our experience and knowledge in matching texture to your existing walls and ceilings. We service residential and commercial properties. We provide quality service with experienced technicians at competitive prices and do it neatly and all on time. We repair drywall and texture damage as well as damaged sprayed acoustic ceilings. Just call or email us with your next drywall project, we'll make you happy you did.