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Commercial Renovation Plaster Repair

New Construction Drywall

Part of the charm of older commercial buildings is the plaster used as an interior finish on walls, ceilings and architectural features. However, when it comes to remodeling and updating for today’s regulations, sometimes plaster will need to be repaired or replaced with drywall products.

Definitive Drywall offers commercial plaster repair and replacement in renovations and tenant improvements. Our experienced technicians can repair hairline cracks as well as large areas of complete plaster failure.

Our system of drywall repair assures the most cohesive transition between plaster and drywall that can be achieved. Whether repairing plaster cracks, complete plaster failure or architectural features, our technicians use today’s materials to match old world finish results.

Plaster repair demands the appreciation of detail, skill and experience, all of which Definitive Drywall technicians bring to each project. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We are accredited with the BBB and carry an A+ rating. Excellent customer service and a top notch safety record are our goals on every project.

Definitive Drywall Systems work directly with the owner, owner’s architect or general manager. We are prompt, neat and flexible to meet deadlines. Our pricing is competitive and our results are beyond reproach, call Definitive Drywall at 206-909-5481 for renovations in plaster repair or plaster replacement.