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Acoustic Ceiling Repair

An acoustic ceiling, more commonly known as popcorn ceilings, is created by using a sprayed on or painted on texture to create an uneven surface. The uneven surface helps trap sound to quiet a bedroom or hallway. Popcorn ceilings were extremely common from 1950 through the 1980's in residential construction. While quite durable, acoustic ceilings can be damaged by water, collect dust from vents or may just need a touch up.

residential drywall repair

Definitive Drywall Systems, a full service drywall company can help repair your damaged acoustic ceiling. Leaking water is probably the most common ceiling spoiler. Brown spots and rings appear once the water damaged area dries. With more extensive water damage the acoustic material can flake or drop off leaving bare drywall exposed. Definitive Drywall can repair water damaged popcorn ceilings to get rid of unsightly water stains.

Truss homes make working in the attic a delicate balance for plumbers, electricians or insulation techs. Unfortunately, sometimes the foot doesn't find the truss and your ceiling now sports a gaping hole. At Definitive Drywall we have the experience and expertise to make these repairs disappear.

The popcorn texture is quite delicate and can easily be marred by anything coming in contact with it. Crushing or smoothing of an acoustic surface can happen when moving furniture, remodeling or from an indoor game of Nurf ball – it doesn't take much. Smoothed patches can easily be repaired with canned spray or for larger areas, with a texturing machine. Don’t live with damaged ceilings, when Definitive Drywall can help keep your home in a new condition.

For acoustic ceiling repair, give Definitive Drywall Systems a call at 206.909.5481. Check out our gallery and testimonials to see that Definitive Drywall doesn't just want your business we want your satisfaction. For all your residential and business needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For acoustic ceiling repair, rely on our 25 years in the business. You can see the pride in our work by spending some time in our gallery and reading our testimonials.

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